Carlos Henri Ferre, IEP ’19

Directed Study

Carlos doing his best traveler blogger’s impression in Mendoza, Argentina.

Ben and I went to Mendoza to investigate environmentally practices in conventional, organic, and biodynamic winemaking. We also investigated trade relations with the United States. Upon touring wineries, we learned about their environmental practices, how much easier it is to be environmentally conscious the smaller you are, and how the market for organic wine is expanding globally. In terms of trade, they really have not seen any effects, but they are so dependent on exports, a tariff would be detrimental. Some advice: make sure to have the fixers ahead of time if you are making a film. It worked out for us, but things can easily go wrong. Always have backups, and meticulously do your research ahead of time on your subjects and topics. It makes the interviews much more fluid. This was incredibly rewarding and I suggest ever MIIS student to try and follow a passion into the field. You only learn by doing.

Click here to view a video of Carlos and Ben’s work on environmental wine in Argentina. 

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