Carol Lin, IEM ’18

France J-Term Practicum

When I decided to apply for Team France last September, I remember my desire to join the course stemmed from wanting to have an extra training experience that would bridge my transition from two semesters of study at MIIS to practicum. I had not yet known where I would be going or doing my practicum at, but the mission, design, and content of Team France fit everything I was looking for in continuing to learn about the field of international education, with significant value in the focus on the French context. Or so I thought.

Now that I have completed the course and have had some weeks to reflect on those 20-odd days in Paris with everyone, I can say with certainty that the impact of Team France far exceeded what I had initially anticipated and planned. What I had thought would be an academic and professional enrichment experience turned out to carry deep personal insights into my perceptions of culture, language, and identity.

I would highly recommend this course to future students who are interested in learning about the design and management of international education outside the U.S., specifically in France and in the French language. The opportunity to meet and work with education abroad providers and Parisian universities offers a unique formative experience that contributes to holistic growth and learning.

“Wine and cheese tasting with the Middlebury School in Paris (Centre Madeleine).”

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