Christina Lee, IEM/MPA ’18

France J-Term Practicum

This experience has facilitated both personal and professional growth in me that I was not expecting, and has really opened my eyes to work in the field of IEM. I realized that I am a very resourceful person and creative when the time calls for it. I recognize that although I may not be fluent in the French language, I am still able to operate and maneuver myself in this context. I was challenge with my lack of language skills, but I think the struggles helped me to empathize with students who are traveling and having to figure out how to live life in an unfamiliar context and language. I think the last time I really felt this ways was on my first study abroad experience. I found this to be extremely helpful because I know when I am working in my future career, I will have this experience to draw upon to really see what things we need to have in place as international education professional to help support and guide students.

This experience also helped me to look at Intercultural Competency from a different perspective. In my opinion Intercultural competence is something that is very important not only for me but to the world as a whole. It seem as if this great divide continues to grow with no bridges intact to help us to connect and understand one another. It also helps to bring about a self awareness that we are previously unexposed. It facilitates an articulation of where one fits into their own culture and how experience has shaped one’s own identity and worldview. Through this program I was able to practice the skills that I have been studying since arrival at MIIS, and I also was able to use knowledge and skills to design deliverables to my learning partner in France. It was such a fun and amazing experience and hope that this program will continue.

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