Erika Saunders, IEM ’19


Team France 2019 in Centre Madeleine

I am thankful for my Team France experience because it helped me to grow academically, professionally and personally. While the experience was challenging at times, I think that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gave me the opportunity to make invaluable connections with professionals in my field and helped me gain new perspectives on education abroad and the field of international education. I expect that I will be reflecting on and learning from this experience for a long time. Since my return to California, I have been reflecting on this experience, and I have been able to become more in touch with my understanding of myself and my career goals. In terms of my professional goals, Team France helped me realize that I want to work in a student-facing position and with organizations where language acquisition and culture are significant parts of their mission. On a personal level, this experience has shown me how much I value my French language skills and I hope to continue improving my language abilities and incorporate them into my personal and professional life. In summary, I feel very fortunate to have had this experience as it allowed me to start building a network that I can use when searching for a practicum and it helped me to learn more about myself, my peers, and the field in general. I would highly recommend participating in Team France to any student who is interested in learning about the French education system or gaining perspectives on how other cultures approach International Education. 

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