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Fernando de Vicente Gomez, NPTS

Prague Nuclear Research Reactor Practicum, 2017

Summary of Experience

The Prague Nuclear Research Reactor Practicum has been an incredible experience for me, as a Nonproliferation student. It has provided me with first-hand knowledge on the normal functioning and operation of a research reactor and a nuclear power plant. I have been able to add the perfect practical component to my theoretical formation at MIIS during this past year and a half. It has also been a great opportunity to get to know the Czech culture a little better; to try the local gastronomy and beer and to get to know the country a little bit more. This practicum is a great initiative that should be repeated. It is the first practicum totally specific for nonproliferation students and the formation it provides to students like me is invaluable. Mainly because, as policy students, not scientists, we don’t usually get to see the things about which we make policies. We have a theoretical knowledge and this course provides exactly the opposite: practice and hands-on experience, which, in my personal opinion, is very important to understand some of the most abstract concepts that we work with. I believe any student would be lucky to be able to spend two weeks in Prague learning from Professors as good as Professor George Moore, from MIIS, or Professor Lubomir Sklenka, from the Czech Technical University. I hope every future generation will benefit from this program and that MIIS and CTU develop tighter bonds that will provide students with a better experience every year.








Field trip to the Škoda Factory in Plzen, Czech Republic

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