Gabriella Schlesinger-James, MBA ’19

DPMI Rwanda

My experience in Rwanda was unforgettable. Every day was packed full of adventure, exploration, making new friends, and trying new things. This was my first time traveling abroad by myself. The students from MIIS were are very well traveled, so I felt reassured exploring a new country in their company.

Rwanda is an absolutely gorgeous country. The hills are green, the streets are gorgeous, the food is delicious, and the people are kind and jovial. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to all four corners of the country, coming within arms reach of Tanzania and Uganda as well.

As an MBA student, I approached the DPMI program with admitted uncertainty whether or not this type of knowledge would be conducive to my directed educational path. Well, I was right and wrong. Before going to Rwanda, I’d planned on continuing my mother’s business of supplying companies like PG&E with nuclear safety products and using my MBA and certification in NPTS to help lead the way. Now, however, I’ve recently made business cards that read ‘social entrepreneur.’ DPMI Rwanda helped me remember the power of social enterprise and presented mechanisms that I’ve easily been able to apply to my MBA classes this semester. Aside from the its applicability to my current curriculum, the program also offered us the opportunity to live and surround ourselves in the environment that we were learning about and working with. As we learned in our social marketing lessons, this is an foundational concept in developing successful campaigns.

Long story short, I had a blast. I learned a lot. I would suggest it to anybody in a heartbeat.

“Our DPMI group shortly after our presentations.”

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