Gustavo Merca, CI ’19

Technicis Internship, Paris

For my summer internship, I worked at Technicis over a period of three months. Two students had done this internship the year before myself and were happy to give me information on what it would be like. Some of my duties included proofreading translations by both internal and external translators, translating texts into English for international clients in various fields (law, finance, tourism, technology, etc.), adapting and revising texts in English, creating client glossaries, and updating translation memories using the latest CAT tools. As a whole, the experience gave me insight into what working at one of Europe’s largest translation agencies would be like, and it even brought me peace of mind. Those of us who work in the language industry hear so much about how there are ten different companies at any given point trying to put us all out of work; well, given how tedious and complex it is to get a single translation approved for a client, I can now confidently say that I don’t expect any machine to be taking my job as a linguist any time soon. I had an amazing time, made phenomenal friends, and cannot wait to get back to Paris (next time as a full-fledged interpreter, however)!

” Evening on the Seine after work.”

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