Anthony Musa, NPTS, 17

Isodarco Conference in Andalo, Italy

January 27, 2016

Musa, Anthony_ILFphoto

This January I had the pleasure of attending the Isodarco Conference in Andalo, Italy for a conference on nuclear disarmament. At the conference, we discussed the many issues facing the world in terms of global nuclear proliferation. In attendance were people from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, the Swedish Government, the Italian Government, and the Iranian Government. We were able to discuss the Iranian nuclear agreement from a non-US perspective which to me was perhaps the most interesting part. There were also professors from the University of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois and Harvard University who were able to discuss future academic careers. Overall, the conference was very interesting and greatly contributed toward my understanding of the nuclear issues that are impacting the world as well as careers available in the nonproliferation field.

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