Alcide Guillory III

Waseda University in Tokyo

August 28, 2015


I spent the latter half of spring semester and most of the summer break studying at Waseda University in Tokyo. Though the overlapping semesters, different teaching styles, and life in the world’s most populated city were all challenges, the four and a half months I spent there was great. I went into the experience hoping to learn a few things while fostering the connection between our two schools, and looking for professional opportunities. Having lived in northern Japan for five years previously, I wasn’t exactly going into unfamiliar territory, though I did expect life in Tokyo to be different. I did not expect that I would be able to add several new identities to my personal list: amateur sumo wrestler, minor television personality, and apprentice harpist.

Rather than using just words to describe my experiences, I made a photo essay to introduce the reader to all the people and places that made my time there special.

Author: Alcide “Three” Guillory III

To view Three’s photo essay please click here: A Semester at Waseda by Alcide Guillory III.

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