Jared Young, NPTS ’18

Summer Intern, Daniel K. Inouye Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies

An internship at APCSS provided me the opportunity to meet and network with experts and professionals working directly in the field of terrorism. I attended courses at a world class center, and I am now considered an alumni of the center. This connects me to a wide network of security practitioners, and gives me access to a variety of resources from APCSS.

I would recommend this internship to other students looking for exposure to both academic research and real world implementation strategies to combat terrorism. APCSS is very balanced in that regard. An internship there also offers exposure to other security related fields, like disaster relief, environment threats, maritime disputes, etc.

MIIS Student Jared Young, co-leader of CSRT 17-1 along with seminar leader, Dr Chris Snedden, and the fellows of Seminar 5.


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