Jiela Peyman, IEM ’18

CSU Todos Santos Center, Baja California

My visit to the CSU Todos Santos Center was one of the most memorable experiences during my time here at MIIS. For the IEM Design and Assessment course, we were able to choose our Learning Partner at the beginning of the semester. As we started to work on our project, we thought it would be an amazing experience if we could actually visit the center and talk to the students there about this project. With IPL funding, we were able to do so!

I was able to work with my team and build the Ambassador Program Guide, then present it face-to-face with our stakeholders (local Mexican students taking English classes at the CSU Todos Santos Center). We spent two days getting to know the students, and the final day we presented them the Guide. They were immediately giving feedback and additional recommendations and it was reassuring for us to know that this real-life project we were making was going to be implemented after this class was finished. To see their excitement about the program was truly priceless. For anybody in the future who is designing a program for stakeholders in another country, if you have the opportunity to visit, definitely take it! MIIS provided us this professional experience with IPL funding and for that I am very grateful.

“MIIS students meet the future CSU Todos Santos Center Student Ambassadors! (Left to right, Angeles, Lewis, Jiela, Andrea, Pati, Carmen, Marie, & Xochitl)”

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