Jihan Elsayed, IEM ’19


IEM students enjoying French macaroons in Paris!

I spent three weeks exploring education abroad in Paris. We got to see how programs run onsite on a day-to-day basis. It takes a lot for a program to run abroad and there are so many things to consider. We also got to see the logistical side of things as well, like housing for example. One thing I really appreciated about this program was seeing how all the different program models run. We learn about them in class, but actually going to them and sitting in on different sessions gave me a better idea of what the experiences of each model offer for students. It was also reassuring to see how dedicated the programs are to their students. The programs are dedicated to making sure that students get the most out of their experience. The idea of knowing that when I get to send students abroad, I know I can send them programs who really value their mission. In the future when I am working in the field, I will better be able to inform students on the different programs available and can lead them in the direction of where I think would be their best fit based on their goals and interests. The knowledge I gained on this trip will make me a better practitioner when I am working in the field.

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