John Otto, IEM ’18

France J-Term Practicum

The Team France J-Term program was designed to provide hands-on experience in the field of international education to MAIEM students. The two-and-a-half-week program in Paris was an exciting opportunity that allowed participants to gain invaluable onsite perspective.

For my final deliverable associated with this program, I worked with one of my colleagues to create an intercultural competence training for students at the Middlebury School in France. This was a unique opportunity to bridge my past academic and work experiences in France with my current degree program that permitted me to use my French language capabilities in a professional setting. The process of creating this final deliverable was illuminating in that I learned a lot about designing trainings and programs for students on programs abroad. In addition to the professional skills I developed and honed, I also benefitted on a personal level in that I have become more interculturally aware.

In addition to my deliverable, this experience was highly valuable because it not only was designed as a course to be taken for credit, but it also served as a networking platform. I have professional aspirations to work in France or in a French context, and the personal connections that I made with established professionals in the field of international education will serve me well. As I am still in the process of securing a practicum site for next semester, I will be relying on some of my newly formed connections in my search process. I enthusiastically recommend participating on Team France for any students who are interested in the French education system or France in general, as it offers a way to put theory learned on campus into practice onsite.

“Team France participants pose for a photo in the library at the Centre Madeleine, headquarters of the Middlebury School in France. Pictured from left to right: Christina Lee, Evelyn Lueker, Martha Levin, Kathleen Hylen, Dr. David Wick, Molly Kisner, John Otto.”

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