JoLyn Rekasis, IEM ’17

IEM On Site Perspectives: Team Spain, 2017

On-Sites Perspectives in Spain was an opportunity for me to expand my
knowledge about all things related to International Education
Management (IEM). I remember the first time that this course was
mentioned by my advisor. I explained to her that I was considering
Spain as an option for practicum but at the time I only had experience
living in Latin America. I was ready to immerse myself with IEM
vocabulary and Spanish. Knowing my learning style preferences, I was
immediately attracted to applying for On-Site Perspectives in Madrid
course. I was interested to go on a faculty-led trip with someone who
has a lot experience in the field of study abroad. I wanted to compare
and contrast the schools that I would want to study at if I were a student.
I was eager to get to know my colleagues at a more personal level and
to share an experience about studying abroad while actually doing it. I
was ready to study abroad through a different lens.

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