Kaitlin Emmons, MPA ’19


I returned to Cape Town, South Africa over spring break to collect research for my practicum project. I had interned for an arts education organization in 2014 and organized a trip back to spend time with old coworkers, to participate in workshops, and to learn tips on how to design art curriculum based on social change and social justice. It was an incredible experience returning after five years, seeing how the organization has grown and how the lens in which I view the world has been transformed drastically. Information I received through interviews will greatly contribute to how my practicum project deliverable takes shape. Despite the immense amount of information available on the Internet today, I found that in-person conversations I had with facilitators provided information with a degree of genuine authenticity that simply cannot be found with a Google search. I am so grateful to have been able to return to a place I admire so much and so appreciative of the incredible facilitators who shared intentions, beliefs, and insights.

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