Karla Piacentini, IEM/MPA ’17

The Foundation for Sustainable Development, Oakland, CA

My time with the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) has been a journey. I remember being so reassured that I had finally secured a practicum with an organization that merged my interest and passion for exchange programs and international and community development. I admit that I was confronted with many limitations because of my choice to return to Sacramento. (In the end though, I think it was wise to have those parameters given the personal struggles I have been dealing with.) Overall, I am satisfied with my practicum experience and what I have managed to learn in the course of just 4 short months.

“International Programs Intern, Karla Piacentini, IEM/MPA 2017, UC Berkely, CA.

Click here to read Karla’s project, “Foundation for Sustainable Development: Needs Assessment.”

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