Kelly Zimmerman, MPA ’19

Kelly Zimmerman

I had the privilege of being a member of the DPMI Rwanda 2018 cohort. The course was a wonderful opportunity to get out of a traditional classroom environment and immerse myself in a client-based project with not only colleagues from MIIS, but an incredible group of non-MIIS practitioners.

Our cohort was embedded within the organization Partners in Health on their Rwinkwavu campus, where we benefited from working alongside members of their staff every day and participating in field visits within their catchment area. Although the program was a brief two weeks, the whirlwind of utilizing new tools in the field and working through our diverse philosophies of development made for an impactful learning experience. Standing together with my team at the end of the program to pitch our project to senior members of the PIH staff for their consideration was an incredibly fulfilling moment to round out two weeks of learning.

I would recommend that all participants try to extend your travel as much as you can so that you are able to experience different parts of the country on your own – i.e. without the immense weight of travelling with such a large group. The overall experience would have been much less enjoyable overall had I not taken time to explore Kigali and other regions alone or in a small group.

“My nutrition team during the DPMI training.”

Click here to see Kelly’s DPMI Presentation, “Community-Based HIV Support.”

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