Kevin Steele, NPTS ’19

Prague Nuclear Reactor Practicum

The Prague trip was an excellent step in my educational journey and I’m confident it will prove beneficial in me attaining my career goals. As a student who is not entirely certain what exact field I am most interested in working in after graduation this trip gave me exposure to a more technical side of nonproliferation. Of course most of the people I interacted with had degrees in one of the hard sciences there were several people who had policy backgrounds similar to my own. My advice to other students would be to observe as much information as you can. The lectures and experiments are very technical but the staff at the Czech Technical University is more than willing to work with students that need extra attention however you have to take the initiative and engage with them. Also at the end of days I found it helpful to review concepts that we had gone over in the reactor hall. Just by taking 15-20 minutes to research a topic online really improved my overall learning experience. Lastly if at all possible I definitely recommend that students take Dr. Moore’s Nuclear Power and Nonproliferation course before going on the trip. That course is a great foundation to more advanced concepts presented in Prague.

“Examining the training operator room at the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant.”

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