Libiao Pan, NPTS ’18

Independent Honors Thesis Research

With the support of the Immersive Learning Funding, I was able to conduct interviews for my MANPTS Honors Thesis titled Looking In and Looking Out: Understanding China’s Non-Membership of the Wassenaar Arrangement(WA). The interviews helped shape my understanding of Russia’s perspective on my research topic, which was barely discussed in the current academia. By assessing the various reasons why China is not a member of the WA, the thesis proposes that there is need to revaluate the mission of the WA to focus more on non-state actors and, thus, increase effectiveness and strengthen the global nonproliferation regime.

In addition, I was also able to attend the Opening Conference of the Stanford US-Russia Forum (SURF) held in Moscow and Tyumen from November 19-26, 2017. As a delegate of the arms control and nuclear security group, I collaborated with other attendees to research and present about whether NPT non-signatory countries are allowed to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group. I met with policy makers and experts from the State Duma, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and MGIMO University. The Tyumen segment provided me with an opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture of Siberia. I look forward to participating in the second part of the SURF, a capstone conference held at Stanford University in April 2018.

“Visiting the Russian State Duma.”

Click here to read Libiao’s project, “Looking In and Looking Out: Understanding China’s Non-Membership of the Wassenaar Arrangement.”

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