Margaret Poda, MBA/IPD ’19


Margo Poda (MBA/MAIPD ’19) enjoying the Siberian snow after a tour of a local enterprise in Tyumen, Russia as a delegate of the Stanford US-Russia Forum.

For the last nine months, I have been working with a team of students hailing from Russia, Ukraine, and Singapore thanks to the Stanford US-Russia Forum. This is an academic year long program that includes working trips to Moscow, the Siberian city of Tyumen, Washington DC, California State Park Fort Ross and Stanford University with the goal of promoting academic level engagement between Russian and American students. Through this program I was about to publish a research paper entitled, “Challenges of entrepreneurial collaboration between the US and Russia: Academic incubators as a platform for change” along with my co-authors, as well as a satirical children’s book entitled, “Entrepreneur’s Bad Advice: How to Get Rich” (soon to be available for purchase on Amazon).

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