Martha Levin, IEM ’18

France J-Term Practicum

As a team leader for Onsite Perspectives, I was incredibly fortunate to be involved in the planning, development, and onsite management of this faculty-led, immersive learning program in Paris. Having studied abroad and worked in France teaching English, being able to apply my passion for international education in a country where I hope to return to complete my practicum and work some day was an invaluable opportunity. Immersive Learning through MIIS brought my passions and coursework together. I could not have asked for a better learning and professional opportunity.

The advice I will give to future Immersive Learning participants is this: set learning goals for yourself prior to the experience. Put aside time to reflect throughout it and especially after to see how those goals may have shifted. This reflective process has helped me realize the richness of my own onsite experience. I have returned to MIIS with more confidence, a global professional network, and a clearer sense of my professional identity.

“A Wine and Cheese Tasting at the Centre Madeleine.”

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