Matthew Montoya, IPD ’20


MIIS at the Japanese Diet (Parliament building)

In order to conduct research for our paper, this class required us to attend interviews with diplomats, security officials, researchers, and politicians in Beijing and Tokyo. Some of the notable meetings included the Director of Multilateral Affairs at the PRC Foreign Ministry, A State Secretary of Defense from the Japanese Diet’s upper house – the House of Councilors, and a Director from the Ministry of Commerce who discussed trade issues. My focus has been geared towards East Asia and I have spent some time studying (and living) in the region. However, I still learned a lot on this trip and found the interviewees to be both candid and incredibly informative. I’d also recommend taking the two (party) free days that we’re given to explore both Beijing and Tokyo which are fanatic cities. If you like shopping, there’s nothing quite like the Ginza District in Japan. The Great Wall and the Forbidden City are great options in Beijing. 

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