Meng Yuan, CI/TLM ’20

Languageline Solutions Summer Internship

My summer intensive professional learning experience was
working as a marketing intern in one of the top three language
companies—Languageline Solutions. It was one of the most wonderful
and eye-opening working experiences I had and I returned to MIIS
knowing that I am better prepared for my second year study and
professional life.

Studying translation and interpretation gives me skills that can be
applied in almost every field. Take this internship for example, interns
were expected to deliver a competitive analysis, data analysis, or
extensive research in one specific aspect of the business within a few
hours. These tasks are usually on-going at the same time. It means that I
need to be good at multi-tasking, work well under pressure, a fast learner
and of course, very proficient in English communication.

The most important thing I learned from this internship is the
ability to see the bigger picture of a business. Of course I learned a lot
about how a large business runs: marketing, product, service and other
micro aspects. To excel in each part is challenging, because there are so
many factors in decision-making. I learned how and why pushing
change in big businesses is difficult. I was working with two other
American interns, our daily interactions helped me learn how to better
communicate people from different cultural backgrounds. Hard and soft
difference between working in China and in the US: legal compliances,
interpersonal interaction nuances and power dynamics.

I was really impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by
some of the team leaders and how efficient they are. I wish that I had
more time to learn more about how the company runs. The language
service industry is unique in the multi-cultural, multi-lingual
environment in the US. I learned that it is much broader than my major,
there are so many factors in play in this industry, which is fascinating.

This summer internship as a marketing and product intern
definitely opened my eyes to the real language industry and I learned so
much. I found my experience in Languageline Solutions very positive. I’d love to work for Languageline Solutions in the future, but I wish to
have an opportunity to learn in the localization team.

I’m really grateful to have this opportunity to work in the summer.
I have no doubt that it will help my future study in the upcoming

“Me and my fellow interns taking a tea break selfie during an intensive research morning!”

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