Mikki Franklin, NPTS ’18

Combating Terrorism Center, West Point

I interned at the Combating Terrorism Center in West Point, NY in Spring 2018. The Center states that its core mission is “to advise U.S. Government officials on these matters and to teach West Point cadets the latest knowledge on these topics.” My time at the Combating Terrorism Center was extremely rewarding as I gained greater knowledge in counter-terrorism and insight into the US military. I also further developed my research skills and was able to contribute to important academic research. I was the only intern at the Combating Terrorism Center and the hardest part of the internship was adapting to a new place. One professional insight I learned while interning at the CTC was building networks and reaching out to my fellow co-workers. I also learned the importance of coding data and having quantitative research to back up your findings. I would highly recommend my internship at the Combating Terrorism Center, as I worked on important research on counter-terrorism topics, while being at an institution with so much history.

“Last Day at the CTC”

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