Miranda Meyer, IEM/MPA ’18

The Raechel and Jackie Foundation

My experience this past Jterm was unique because I was working alone with an organization I had been interning with for almost one year. I found the organization my first semester because I made a point to talk to other students about things they were working on outside of class. I found another student (also IEM/MPA) who was working with the Raechel and Jackie Foundation (RJF) and I thought it would be the perfect internship because it incorporates international education and public administration into the role. Through working with RJF I have been able to put to use the skills that I am learning in class, simultaneously. Last semester RJF worked with my program evaluation group to put together a Monitoring and Evaluation program for their Teacher Training Program. It was a great experience because the work we did is now actually being implemented by RJF. Over Jterm I not only got field experience in interviewing, collecting data and impact stories, but I also worked with RJF’s social media accounts (FB/Instagram) and worked on redeveloping their Fellowship Handbook. It was a lot to fit into 10 days, but the experience was worth it. I hope to continue working with RJF in the future and possible even for my practicum! Tips for future students would be to talk to other students, share your experiences and insights. We are all working towards the same goal so don’t be competitive with others, but rather help each other out!

“I am interviewing a fellow in the rural area of Nicaragua known as Tortuga. We are discussing the recent clean water initiative he has brought to his community.”

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