Mitchell Leong, NPTS ’19

DEA Financial Investigations Team Summer Internship

Interning at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was a wonderful experience where I got to learn more about the agency and assist special agents with their cases. I was able to gain first hand experience in learning how to conduct and investigate different money-laundering cases. The financial crime classes that I took at MIIS definitely helped prepare me for the type of work that I participated in. Compared to other past interns, I definitely had more responsibilities and projects that I could participate in due to my academic background in anti-money laundering investigations. A piece of advice for future students would be to apply early. The process can take up to and sometimes longer than six months to get the necessary paperwork and procedures done. The best way to get in contact with someone is to call your local DEA office that you are interested in interning at and request to speak to the person in charge of the student volunteer internship program. Generally, the bigger the office the greater the exposure to the different types of work that you can get involved with. Lastly, I recommend you network with as many people as possible not only within the DEA office, but also other agencies; through my internship I was able to connect with people from the District Attorney’s Office, IRS-CI, ATF, FBI, etc.

“Working at the DEA front desk.”

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