Noelle Boucher, IEM

IEM On Site Perspectives: Team Spain, 2017

Summary of Experience

I participated in the Onsite Perspectives immersive learning program in Spain. Myself, as well as nine other IEM students, had the opportunity to visit and learn about different study abroad program models in Madrid, Spain.  We met with the staff, talked with the students and even participated in some of the students’ orientations. Along with our site visits, we were put into pairs to complete specific deliverables. My partner and I developed three co-curricular that could be implemented by Middlebury staff for students participating in the study abroad program in Madrid. We designed a day trip to Segovia (a city outside of Madrid), on cultural activity and one social activity. We used the Kolbs Experiential Learning Theory to design these activities.  For the day trip, we designed a brochure that provided information about how to get to Segovia, a brief history of Segovia and its famous sites and recommendations for traditional foods. For the cultural aspect of our deliverables, we designed a flyer that gave pieces of advice about Spanish eating etiquette. We hoped that Middlebury could put this flyer around their center as well as their orientation booklet. Lastly, for the social activity, we made an “activities passport”. We choose 20 different kinds of activities students could do around Madrid and for each activity they complete, they will receive a stamp from the Middlebury staff.

Overall, this experience had a positive impact on me both personally and professionally. After I graduate the IEM program, my career goal is to work in study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. I initially wanted to complete my practicum in Spain, however, this experience has made me realize that I am ready for a change. That being said, I would like to complete my practicum in South America, preferably in one of the Middlebury Schools Abroad. Having observed the Middlebury School in Madrid, I am familiar with how the Middlebury Schools Abroad model functions. I feel so lucky to have participated in this program and I learned so much. I can’t wait to take my knowledge and skills I gained and apply them to my future career. 

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This is a photo of TeamSpain and the Middlebury Staff in Spain


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