Rebecca Beckham, IEP/MPA ’19

DPMI Rwanda

I was able to experience DPMI Rwanda, a program known to work with Partners in Health, working with vulnerable populations globally. Each day was a step by step process in order to explore how social change happens.

In my case, I served on a monitoring and evaluation team focused on community health worker empowerment in income generating activities. My group and I visited two cooperatives with different income generating projects. The field visits were a major asset to our deliverable. Without those, it would not have been possible to see what is happening on the ground. It represented a snap shot of what is actually occurring in the field and would not have been understood properly without that experience. That being said, it is impossible to encompass a comprehensive idea of what is happening, but it is an insight. Efficient and effective program design would not be of quality without field visits.

Once the project was laid out in front of us, we took progressive steps in order to deliver a social marketing campaign to Partners in Health. We focused on problem trees, log frames, and objective trees, which lead to a comprehensive situational analysis and results framework.

The entirety of this experience has incorporated my past experiences and transformed them into more professionally rounded skills that I can project into future projects and programs. These professionally recognized tools, techniques, and approaches are now a part of my program design foundation, especially ones integrating social marketing campaigns. In all, DPMI was a wonderful experience, where the complexities of project design were grasped, and memories were created with international colleagues.

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