Rebecca Beckham, MPA/IEP ’19


Rebecca is at the Steinstø fruit farm which is a farm that has been in the Steinstø family for nine generations. They produce a variety of fruits and berries. Fruit production is a very traditional Norwegian agriculture. Norway has not always been a rich oil country, and before attaining this wealth, agriculture was a much larger part of Norwegian production. Today, there are still some very traditional farms left, keeping the Norwegian agriculture alive.

The Natural Resource Management program has been an amazing two weeks, inside and outside of the classroom. We spent the majority of the program time in the class but also were able to enjoy a few excursions to a salmon fishery, a fruit farm, and to one of the main sustainable salmon producers in Norway. It all began with a historical perspective of natural resource management in Norway. We then dove into fisheries management and took a closer look at what Norway does in particular in the salmon industry. Petroleum economics was also introduced, and we discovered how Norway is managing a conflicting pathway to reducing their fossil fuel usage in alignment with the Paris Agreement. Norway has one of the greatest sovereign funds and it is fueled by the interest made from the oil exploration and production. We were able to visit one of the oil producers which is majority state owned and they stated that they have no intention of reducing their oil production and believe it I the collective global community that needs to take action. This is true, but also seems very contradictory to the ultimate goal of the Paris Agreement which is to minimize fossil fuel usage. Norway is currently not on track in doing so which was one of the most surprising pieces of information I learned on this trip. Overall, it was an amazing experience and fully recommend it to anyone wanting to take a closer look at the Norwegian model of Natural Resource Management. I will be able to take some of these practices into my future work of environmental conservation.

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