Rebecca Richey, IEM ’17

IEM On-Site Perspectives: Team Spain, 2017

Summary of Experience

The workload was more intense than I expected mainly because of the limited amount of time we had in Madrid. Yet, I would not have eliminated any of the site visits from our program. Interestingly enough, the day we visited Syracuse’s center, I was not looking forward to an entire day of orientation followed by another meeting. It was a delightful wake-up call to stay positive and never take any observation or hands-on experience for granted because that visit ended up being one of my favorites and a potential practicum position. I wish every IEM student could have taken part in a program like this because of how prepared I feel not only for practicum search but also just talking to my family and friends outside of MIIS about international education and what the heck I’m getting my degree in. My mom and family friend noted a new air of confidence in me upon arrival especially when explaining the benefits of the trip. That feedback caused me to reflect on how I felt before the program and really notice the growth I made.

In setting future goals for my experience during practicum and beyond, I will take the time to reflect on the purpose of the work I am doing as well as the relationships I am forming. Now that I have a shallow understanding of the complexities and differences amongst different education abroad providers, I hope I have the mindset to enter a new education abroad office and be receptive and thoughtful of the mission and values of the program and staff.

Meeting with CEA (study abroad third party provider director

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