Sitong Liu, CNI ’18

East Asia Practicum (China & Japan), 2017

Summary of Experience

I served as an interpreter for the field trip. My job is to provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation during speeches and Q&A sessions, mostly from Chinese to English. Because the students were heavily dependent on me, I felt great responsibilities to do the job well. I think that I’ve learned a lot from this experience both in East Asia affairs and in interpretation skills. It’s wonderful to gain first-hand experience in a semi-professional setting to test my interpretation skills so I’m grateful to have the opportunity. In the blog I submitted above, contains my reflections on the trip in more detail. This Spring Break is the best spring break I’ve ever had because it’s so meaningful!

Deliverable: here is a link to her blog.


Group Photo at Meizhoudongpo. Meeting with MIIS Alumni.


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