Up to Ears with Localization Work [Yan Ning, TLM ’20]

Yan Ning with peers at LocWorld booth at a conference.

Yan Ning describes her internship at local localization company, Translation by Design (TBD). She weighs the challenges and growth of her career from this experience. She concludes the article with tips for MIIS TLM students with the internship experience. … Continue reading Up to Ears with Localization Work [Yan Ning, TLM ’20]

Translation By Design (TBD) is a local company located at Pacific Grove. It started as an interpretation management company and gradually evolved to a localization business as well. When I was offered the internship, TBD is struggling from new technology acquisition, new work flow set up and unprecedently large volume of localization requests. I am really glad that I get to join a company at this initial localization stage and see to establish a localization process.

Every course TLM offers is preparing us for the real professional world.

My first project is to evaluate and select a new Translation Management System for TBD. When I was taking the TMS courses at MIIS, I was a little skeptical as will I be able to use these skills in working? Well, it turns out everything we learn in the classroom is the actual skills required in professional setting. Every course TLM offers is preparing us for the real professional world.

I’ll conclude with an outline of some important tips for TLM students in preparation for their summer internships.

  • You might not find your dream internship, but you will in the end. Start somewhere. There is something to learn in every job, every project you work on.
  • You will encounter anti-mentor, you will encounter your true mentor as well. Each will teach you valuable lessons.
  • You don’t need to have experience to land an internship. You need to show employer that you are trainable.
  • Think about what you can do to add value to the team, to make your boss’s job easier.
  • Know what do you want to learn from this internship.