Jennifer Scott, IEP ’16

Frontier Market Scouts (FMS)

Washington DC, 2016

I attended the Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) training program because it was recommended to me by my adviser and The Center for Social Impact Learning, which runs the training program. Both felt it would be a good fit because the other attendees were, like myself, already experienced professionals. Were they ever! My fellow students came from 10 different countries, at least as many backgrounds, and ranged in age from 25 to 60. The course format requires working in intimate teams and making daily presentations to the whole class. Working with such experienced and knowledgeable team members was both challenging and rewarding.

FMS debate

The purpose of the FMS training is to build a practical understanding of the world of social impact investing. To that end, our six (6) course instructors were drawn from different disciplines in that field. We worked with investors providing funding, entrepreneurs seeking it, and intermediaries who are finding a place in this growing field. We were exposed to both academics and practitioners. Because of this presentation technique, the most valuable takeaway has been a multi-faceted perspective on this burgeoning development strategy.

I now understand what an investor is looking for in an investment opportunity as well as the perspective of an eager entrepreneur seeking funding. The wide-ranging perspectives and knowledge of my fellow students enhanced this understanding by providing specific examples and context for each topic we discussed.

As a result of the FMS course and my choice to pursue an FMS Fellowship, I have already been offered an internship opportunity.

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