Yana Shkabrova, CI ’19

Professor Anna Zarochentseva with a group of second year students from the MA in Simultaneous Interpretation program (MGIMO)
Moscow State Institute of International Relations

One of the main ways to learn is to network with other people in your field and compare your personal experience with theirs. This past November I had such an amazing opportunity. My groupmate Hanna Mata and I went to Moscow for three weeks to attend classes and workshops at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). I got to attend classes of simultaneous interpretation into Russian from both English and Spanish, translation courses, lectures, and workshops. 
We were also extremely lucky because during our stay in Moscow, Vladislav Shuvalov, the chief editor of the UN Russian translation department in Geneva, came to conduct a series of translation workshops in MGIMO. He gave us feedback on our translations and told us about requirements and expectations for translators at the United Nations.
When we were there, we also had an opportunity to attend classes at the Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU). There we went to simultaneous interpretation classes, translation courses, and lectures. One of the most interesting experiences for me was visiting a special course for preparing students for the UN interpretation exam. We got to work on the vocabulary, set phrases, and real UN speeches. 
The students who will participate in the program in the future will need to make sure they take the advantage of attending classes not only at MGIMO, but also at MSLU because professors there are very talented. I especially recommend the program to the students who need to improve their interpretation into Russian skills because they will learn many helpful set phrases and cliches. They will also acquire knowledge about the requirements to work as a translator/interpreter at the United Nations.