Yuki Goto MPA ‘2016

DPMI+ with Daayitwa 

I worked as a project management assistant for an LNGO, Daayitwa, in Latipur, Nepal. I conducted monitoring and evaluation to write a proposal for enhancement of a project for women-owned small and medium enterprises in rural Nepal. I believe field observation and research through directly approaching to locals are beneficial in eliciting the honest response. In the past, I saw firsthand the effect of social work, education, healthcare and daily care, on children when I worked at the orphanage. I met many children whose education saved them from a life on the streets in slums. I see the similarity in the program that provides women in the poor community a chance to find the potential for success, self-sufficiency, and happiness of the entire family.

MIIS education has taught me how to design projects, manage a team, and evaluate the program. I have learned grassroots and policy perspectives. Of course, I am well aware that situations in the field often don’t always correspond to the examples in the “book”.

This experience has increased my understanding of the relationship between the writing and the implementation of a project. Most strongly, it motivated me to keep working hard to improve my flexibility to take a productive approach and make appropriate decisions for each individual. I gleaned how important it is to understand the strong relationship between the practical and emotional needs. Stepping back and sensitively approaching people who might have different traditional norms and perspective is always in my mind.

I will bring with me that understanding, my hands-on experience, the flexibility to take a productive approach and the hard work, and dedication to the next chapter of my life.

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