Zoe Hwang, TNI ’17

East Asia Practicum (China & Japan), 2017

Summary of Experience:

I accompanied the East Asia Practicum class to Beijing over spring break. It was a three-day assignment, full of dense lectures, vibrant discussions, and various scenarios. For me, it was challenging. I had to adjust to each new environment quickly, be it whispering interpretation in a restaurant, delivering consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in a classroom, or interpreting while attempting to catch up with my audience who are walking in scattered manner. It was also my first time to Beijing, thus being in a foreign environment added on to the pressure. I also had to adjust to having a new partner, who is still a first-year student in our interpretation program. Throughout the assignment, my partner and I had to establish trust and rules that we would both follow. However, the trip was rewarding. I learned so much about China’s relations with Japan, Republic of Korea, U.S. and D.P.R.K. from the professors, the students, and the lecturers we interpreted. I feel fortunate that I got the chance to work in a semi-professional and semi-classroom environment. In a way, I was able to work as a professional but was also allowed to be a student and make mistakes. My audience was incredibly supportive and that gave me hope and encouragement. After this experience, I am more motivated than ever to be that bridge of communication.


Interpreters in action! (Please see top left!)

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