Working-Class California

Universality Time (Quantification)

Universality Space (Concepts of Boundaries)

Universality Action  (Recording Systematization)

Point of References Time (Laws and Rules)

Because there is no vacation time and jobs don’t normally accommodate for religious holidays, members of my wife’s family often use the next family-member’s birthday as a point of reference.

Point of References Space (Descriptions)

My wife’s family always wants to hug–both when arriving and leaving regardless of how long the stay is.

Point of References Action (Formal vs. Non- Formal Reality)

Although they are in reality illegal, every weekend at approximately 3am a bunch of idiots in my neighborhood that feel compelled to shoot off fireworks

Structuring Time (Future Orientation)


Structuring Space (Planning)

IF they even have a job with sick leave, people don’t usually take use their “sick” days and instead use them for when their kids are sick since they can’t afford childcare

Structuring Action (Rationality)

I know a lot of people that can’t afford cable, a satellite dish, or even a computer–yet they all have smartphones