Untap Your Inventor

A LinkedIn article today seemed apropos to the Inn(ovation) Inc(ubator)’s mission. 5 Ways to Turn Everybody into an Inventor argues innovation is beyond R&D, requiring a collaborative, divergent process that’s open to outside-the-box approaches. Thomas Edison’s plethora of inventions are partly thanks to his laboratory’s collaborative atmosphere – perhaps the first Google or IDEO?

good-ideasIt certainly seems that collaboration and crowdsourcing are the creative processes of the day. Steven Johnson has an excellent 4 minute RSA Animate on Where Good Ideas Come From, as well as a 17 minute TED talk. The basic takeaway? “Chance favors the connected mind.”

Enjoy those? Here’s an RSA Animate about Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us, and the RSA Animate website for a treasure-trove of “innovative, accessible and [uniquely illustrated] world-changing ideas.”

And finally, a Charlie Rose interview of IDEO founder David Kelley about How to Design Breakthrough Inovations. Stanford is having an E-Week (E for Entrepreneurs) that’s open to the public if you have some time next week to be inspired!