Inn Inc Fall 2013

The Spring semester of 2013 saw the beginning of an incredible initiative on campus- the Innovation Incubator. After the intensive J-term program MiddCORE, led by Kent & Alfredo, we students were left wanting more! MiddCORE led students through a social innovation challenge, in which students worked on individual (and sometimes group) innovations, working with mentors in finance, entrepreneurship, human centered design, and the like to create innovative businesses that worked to create value in the social sector.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, looking to work for an NGO, or working with start-ups, Inn Inc provides you a community of innovators, workshops, and a toolkit so that you can go into the workforce and truly be prepared to create social change. The MIIS motto is “Be the Solution”. At Inn Inc, we provide you with the ability if not to ‘be the solution’, to truly work to shift the paradigm and create something of value in whichever sector you might find yourself post-graduation.

The fall semester will be our incubator period, in which all students are welcome to join our workshops, come to our office, play around with the concepts we will introduce (human centered design, empathy mapping, creating businesses for social change), and perhaps create and work on an innovative idea of their own. The spring will see a more specific accelerator period, in which specific business plans posed by our students are vetted out through Inn Inc.

We welcome you all to come and check us out! We promise to provide something to all of you students out there who want to make an impact!