Mission Statement

Inn-Inc seeks to affect positive social change by providing students with a toolkit, constructive environment, and extensive network for designing and building innovative social enterprises.


 Inn-Inc is an incubator that empowers Monterey Institute students to transform their ideas into successful businesses and non-profit organizations with a positive social impact.

Inn-Inc provides the tools you need to utilize the skills you garner in the classroom and the practical skills of on-the-ground work to create innovative solutions to social problems. Here you will learn not only how to utilize your own skill set and interests combined with human-centered design to create a viable proposal, but also how to build a business plan, fundraise, and pitch your idea.

Inn-Inc provides


  • Physical space: meetings, workshops, guest lectures, events, etc.
  • Virtual space (online): ongoing discussions, info sharing, marketing and promos


  • Human centered design
  • Business plans writing and execution
  • Fundraising
  • Pitching
  • Web & Social Media


  • MIIS Alum
  • Professors
  • Local, regional, national, and international individuals and organitations.

What you should expect

You will work hand-in-hand with fellow students, mentors, staff, and faculty in order to both create a viable business idea and execute it. You may find that your idea leads you to create an actual business, or that the process provides you with a stable foundation for future business creation. Even if you do not go on to form your own business, the skill set you will acquire with Inn-Inc will be monumental in working with all types of innovative businesses.


The fall semester will be the incubator period and will focus on building ideas and then breaking them down to their core. You will work with students and mentors who specialize in skills such as effectual entrepreneurship, human-centered design, social entrepreneurship, and pitching in order to create a stable base for the spring.

 The spring semester will act as the accelerator period. Students who have applied and been selected to this portion of the program will move through practical workshops in order to create, write, and execute a business plan.

Who should apply

 Students who have worked with the incubator during the fall and have a viable business idea they wish to push forward. We seek students who are looking to be a part of this community and continue to work within it. Note, the student and his or her level of interest and participation are more important than the business idea itself.

Supporters (a growing list)

MIIS: Bob Cole, Amy McGill, DLC

Middlebury: Katherine Collins, Elizabeth Robinson – Middlebury Incubators


  • Evan Bloom, Root Change
  • Michael Ipson, ILC
  • Michael Rawding, Board of Governors