Supported by the Ron and Jessica Leibowitz Fund for Innovationthis project creates a semester-long arts series of mentorship and practical learning build within curricular offerings for spring 2018 at MIIS. Innovative inclusion of scholarly and participatory arts with the various disciplines at MIIS, linked academics with specific student clubs, past FFI initiatives, and virtual innovations at the DLC. We seek to expand horizons by integrating the arts into the curriculum, not as entertainment, but as content.

MIIS academic programs are characterized by a global policy focus and immersive and collaborative learning. Cross-cultural communication includes an integrated view of the arts as essential components of communication. This project connects Middlebury to MIIS through academic and experiential practice of the arts, with interdisciplinary involvement and recognition that the arts are central to cultural identity and to international/intercultural development projects.

This project connects MIIS students with innovative artists/educators from the Middlebury and MIIS alumni network. By featuring the process and practice of the arts as demonstrated by renowned artists and educators, we hope our MIIS community can explore cultures, languages, and social change through the lenses of the arts across disciplinary boundaries.

Our featured local and international artists include:

  • Meklit Hadero, Ethio-jazz artist, TED Senior Fellow, and cultural instigator
  • Cameron McKinney, Middlebury ’14, New York-based choreographer, dancer, educator, and author, founder of Kizuna Dance.
  • Scotty Hardwig, Oakland-based dancer, choreographer, educator, and digital media artist.
  • Jayson Fann. NEST sculptures, musician, and educator.
  • Damascus Kafumbe, teacher, performer, composer, author, and instrument technician/consultant. Associate Professor of Music at Middlebury College

Stay updated on our performances schedule.