Jayson Fann

Visual artist, musician, producer and educator, Monterey CA
Fann, a long-time Big Sur artist, has created over fifty nests across the U.S. His work in both music and sculpture has been featured in numerous magazines and articles, with global appeal. Fann generously combines his creative projects with art education, teaching in area schools and involving students in building the inspiring nests as well as hosting intercultural music and dance projects. Working with sustainably harvested eucalyptus and bamboo, the NESTS both link us to our home environment and transcend beyond.

Jayson’s residencies and exhibitions are centered on creating interactive arts and cultural collaborations that foster environmental, intercultural Literacy, value, dialogue and awareness. He weaves together these elements with seamless grace and beauty. The social activism component of his work addresses ideas around identity, perceptions, listening and advocacy dimensions within intercultural arts collaborations and Nature.

His productions work with artists, organizations and communities, to advance and achieve universal appreciation and support of the world’s diverse cultural arts traditions.

Jayson was the Founder and director of the Esalen International Arts Festival for nine year consecutively while coordinating over fifty arts and cultural workshops annually for the Institute. He was also the founder and director of The Big Sur Spirit Garden International Arts and Cultural Center producing over five hundred concerts in Big Sur.
Jayson has served as a visual arts director for First night Monterey and was awarded Champion of the Arts award and Professional artist of the year 2015 by the Monterey Arts council with special acknowledgements and a certificate of recognition from the California State Legislature for his contributions in the field of cross cultural bridge building through the arts.
Jayson is currently living in Monterey and teaching visual and performing arts in five schools across the county. He is currently developing a mobile stage/classroom and set design for his performances that can travel throughout the Monterey County. He is also touring as a Soloists for John Wineglass symphonic work entitled, ‘ Big Sur: The Night Sun’. John Wineglass is a multi Emmy award winning musician and composer.