GSIPM Immersive Professional Learning and Special Programs

Greetings traveler, and welcome! This is the MIIS GSIPM Immersive Professional Learning and Special Programs Travel Blog, where you’ll be able to access forms necessary to prepare for your trip abroad.

If you are going abroad on a MIIS-sponsored program you must complete following:

(1) Middlebury Global Rescue Registration Online Form (for travel outside of the US only) Includes e-version of liability waiver.

(2) International Medical Insurance and Medical Evacuation Confirmation Form (only required if you are not on MIIS Student Insurance. MIIS student plan covers you abroad and includes medical evacuation insurance if you are traveling on a MIIS-sponsored program.)

(3) Immersive Learning Pre-departure Packet

Not Going Abroad? If you are staying in the US, please complete this general activities waiver and return to Carolyn Meyer. Students going abroad do not have to submit this waiver as they can complete a release through step #1 above.

The forms are available for download on their individual pages on this blog. Please send items #2 and #3 to or deliver them to the GSIPM Front Desk. 

Additional Resources:

1.) Vaccines and Travel Health: Dr. Dover in Aptos or Ryan Ranch Medical Group

2.) Tips for staying safe while abroad from Sara’s Wish.

3.) Apply for immersive learning funding through MIIS.

4.) Supplemental travel insurance options (illustrative list—there are many more): iNext, World Nomads, AON

5.) Middlebury Global Operations Resources

6.) Information on conducting research involving human subjects and Institute policies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

Thank you for your cooperation and safe travels!


Have Any Questions?

For more information on Middlebury Global Rescue Registration and International Medical Confirmation Insurance Form or any other required documents, please contact Carolyn Meyer at (831) 647-6417 or

Please send the completed General Activities Waiver, Medical Insurance Coverage Confirmation Form and Pre-departure Packet to your respective program coordinator (,, or