Museo de Botero y más

This weekend, I finally got out and saw some cultural parts of the city. Even though I was feeling a little under the weather, I went to La Candelaria this Saturday and went to el Museo de Botero and La casa de moneda. You may remember, Botero is the artist that paints everything likes it’s bloated. Pictures below if you’re still unsure. La casa de moneda was a museum about the history of Colombian money. Both were free and connected to a couple other museums.. I’ll definitely have to go back and see the other museums there. I didn’t really have the strength to do a full day yesterday.

I woke up today and felt much better. My “tocaya” (a friend who has the same name as you) called me this morning and told me to come meet her at the mercado de pulgas (flea market). Anyone who knows me, knows I wouldn’t miss a flea market! I met up with her a couple other girls, and we walked from there down through Candelaria to a restaurant for brunch named La Puerta Falta. It was a neat restaurant with traditional food that dates back to 1816. The girls also took me to Plaza de nariño, where the congress and presidential buildings are, and to Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo, what is believed to be the origins of the city of Bogotá. The first church and the founders homes are still standing there. Something that caught me off guard was that across the street, there was a cafe/bar called “Hellfish” with the symbol from the “Flying Hellfish” episode of the Simpsons. The Simpsons truly are all over the world.

We finished our day at a cute little coffee and dessert bar where we sat in a beautiful courtyard with an adorable little kitty. I may have went overboard on the kitty pictures…

We walked back from La Candelera which I clocked at about 10km – it was a good long walk! But most of it was right in the middle of the street. Every Sunday, Bogotá closes the main boulevards to cars, for what is called the ciclovia, where people ride there bikes, run or walk in the streets. This helps the city reduce its carbon footprint and gets people out exercising! It’s amazing how ahead of the US Colombia seems to be in environmental matters. Take note California!