Having studied and worked in the language industry for about 7 years, I’m very familiar with its entire process and workflow.

During my undergraduate studies in Business English, I learned how to leverage language to do business in an international environment. While working at China Telecom as an Account Manager, I became proficient in the technical department where I honed my project management and data analysis skills. From my experience working as a freelance translator and interpreter, I acquired the professional qualities and skills needed to work in the translation industry.

In 2018, I worked for Wordfast as a Localization Intern, acting as Translator, Project Manager and Localization Engineer.

In 2019, I interned for SDL as Project Coordinator, responsible for project management, vendor management, and quality management.

From January 2019 to May 2020, I worked for Middlebury Institute’s IT Department as a Graduate Assistant, helping students, faculty and staff with any problem related to IT.

From July to September 2020, I worked for Translation Commons as a Localization Project Manager, managing their internal localization projects and a group of volunteer linguists.

Currently, I’m working for SuperSymmetry Technologies as a Localization Program Manager, building and maintaining their entire localization program.

All these jobs have given me the opportunity to dive deep into the localization and tech industry where I use what I learned to solve real problems and make a difference.