Having to refresh my 30-day Visa, I took a brief 36 hour trip to Singapore with a fellow traveler from Holland who is staying at Jacko’s Hostel with me in Uluwatu.  It was an impromptu journey, with no plans other than to walk around the city and stare at buildings and try some Singaporean cuisine.  This journey was a nice quick  break from Bali, and an extremely interesting adventure.  I think the pictures explain it best, so enjoy.


For those who haven’t been, Singapore is one of the most diverse cities in the world, which is especially unique for Asia.  We met Indonesians, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Chinese, Koreans, Armenians, and Mexicans all living in Singapore, along with expats, and I’m sure many other cultures.  Only a 2½ hour flight from Bali, the difference is tremendous, especially in terms of city planning on the greenness and cleanliness of the city.   It was a pretty extreme day of about 10 hours of walking, and a couple hours of dining above the city limits.  Not being a city person, I really enjoyed my short amount of time in Singapore, and really appreciate its dynamic qualities that cities around the world should aspire to.  Please enjoy this week’s photo blog!


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