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For those of you who don’t know me, I am 2014 MA of International Environmental Policy student at Monterey Institute of International Studies.  My specialization is Ocean and Coastal Resource Manageent.  This summer I was lucky enough to receive the task of initiating a World Surfing Reserve in Uluwatu, in Bali, Indonesia.  I am working with some in-country NGOs and nonprofit organizations such as Conservation International, Project Clean Uluwatu, and GUS Foundation, an Indonesian environmental nonprofit.  I am using the following blog posts to help inform anyone interest of my thoughts and experiences throughout this summer project.  Thanks for reading.

Blog Descriptions:

Letters provide a tremendous amount of introspection for anyone who reads them.  Some of my favorite high school projects were to read old letters from guys like Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, Andrew Jackson, and Ben Franklin.  For this reason, I feel the best way to understand my experience in Bali is to use excerpts from the letters that I have written to friends and family, as their own blog post. Hopefully this explains my stream of consciousness style and some of the overlapping trends of the posts.  It is interesting to me how we use different approaches at explaining similar topics depending on whom we write to.   I have changed some names, and left some more open ended for people’s individual privacy, and done some editing, but if you write me an email, you never know, my response might be the next post!  So say hello!  My email is justin@savethewaves.org