We’re Surfers. All of us. The only difference is what we’re surfing for. Some surf for peace, some surf for joy, some surfing for creativity, some surf to be cool, some surf for establishment, some surf against establishment, some surf … Continue reading

I do not agree with the Buddhist belief that life is suffering. Life is a beautiful, unknowable, and magical time of existence that will never happen again in the same manner that it happens now. Surely though, unconscious life is, … Continue reading

So, I’m back in Uluwatu, in Bali, Indonesia.  Here’s why.  After teaming up with Conservation International last year, our surfonomics paper showed that Uluwatu brings an estimated amount of 35 million US dollars.  For any place in the world, that … Continue reading

The blog was put on hold in order to fulfill some heavy leg work.  To be continued in May!  In the meantime, here’s some hedonistic surfing photos for public perusal!

The last week was Indonesia’s biggest holiday, where the last week of Ramadan made many Indonesian’s who live in Bali return home to Java, Sumatra, etc., to be with there families.  This past Saturday and Sunday, Ramadan coincided with two … Continue reading

The past week has been a busy one.  Curtis and I finalized the application for Uluwatu to become Indonesia’s first World Surfing Reserve; Tom Margules and Conservation International (CI) and I finalized the questionnaire that we will be distributing in … Continue reading

Having to refresh my 30-day Visa, I took a brief 36 hour trip to Singapore with a fellow traveler from Holland who is staying at Jacko’s Hostel with me in Uluwatu.  It was an impromptu journey, with no plans other … Continue reading

Saturday night at Uluwatu Surf Villas, Project Clean Uluwatu, the only active local non-profit West side of the Bukit peninsula had their second annual fundraiser for the ongoing conservation projects.  It was a wonderful night of live bands, movies, live … Continue reading

*Uncle Bob is a (semi)fictional character that does not believe in Climate Change or environmental initiatives. Dear Professor (who introduces MIIS IEP Students to Uncle Bob*), Being that it’s the 4th of July (actually the 5th now in Indonesia), I … Continue reading

Bali’s waves are pretty nuts.  The swell has been firing lately.  The very first day I arrived I got a two-second barrel and the next day caught one of the longer rides of my life. I’ve gotten worked pretty badly … Continue reading