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How do I add a story to the News Room or MIIS Around the World?

    1. Make sure you are logged on.
    2. Navigate to http://www.miis.edu/community/world/stories
    3. Locate the “Edit Console” in the top left of the screen. Click the “Add” tab.
      1. The screen now lists all the content types.
    4. Click the “Story” link.
        1. The screen now shows the “Story” editing interface. You will enter the following information: Title, Teaser, Tags, Body, Top Right Media/Caption, and Location.

      MIIS Around the World

    5. In the “Title” text field, give your content a title in the following format.
      1. Student Name: A Short Description of their Story
      2. Examples:
        Mawuor Dior: A “Lost Boy” Comes to Monterey
        Rebekah Hunt: A Summer in South Africa
    6. For the “Teaser,” please summarize the story in one sentence, including the student’s program and graduation date.
      1. Examples:
        Mawuor Dior (MAIPS ’10) escaped the conflict in southern Sudan to pursue a degree in conflict resolution and human rights.
        Elias Shakkour (MACI ’10) – who studies Arabic and German interpretation – interned at a translation agency in Berlin last summer.


    1. Tag the story by MIIS Tags, Story Program Tags, and Theme Tags. Tagging allows stories to be collected on other pages of miis.edu.
      1. You can use more than one tag from each category (i.e. MIIS Tags, Story Program Tags, and Theme Tags). For example, a story can be tagged “career,” “internships,” and “world” under the “MIIS Tags” category.
      2. Don’t forget to tag the story “world” so that it appears on the published MIIS Around the World page.
    2. In the “Body” text field, type your content.
    3. Add the necessary links.


    1. Add images and videos (Note: external image files must first be uploaded to http://www.miis.edu/community/world/files. Images should be resized and cropped to 290 x 220 pixels before being uploaded to the site).
    2. Including a location is optional. If you’d like the story to appear on the MIIS Around the World map, enter the city and country in the designated fields. Or enter the latitude and longitude coordinates.


  1. If necessary, alter the appearance, set publish dates, and set permissions lists.
  2. When you are done adding the content, scroll down and click the “Save” button.
    1. The screen returns to “View” mode.

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