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How do I create a staff/faculty profile in Drupal?

The “Profile” content type can be used to create a profile for a staff or faculty member. With it, you can display a person’s position, contact information, campus location, and photo. There is also space to put in biographical information and related links. Please note that prior to creating a faculty or staff profile, you must create a unique webpage where this profile will live. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact rwalters@miis.edu.

Creating a New Profile

  1. Make sure you are logged on.
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to add content to.
  3. Locate the “Edit Console” in the top left of the screen. Click the “Add” tab.
  4. The screen now lists all the content types. Click the “Profile” link.
    1. The screen now shows the “Profile” editing interface.
  5. Complete the “Username” field using the staff or faculty member’s name or NetID.
  6. Enter the faculty or staff member’s “Full Name,” “Job Title,” and contact information in the appropriate fields. Contact information includes the “Location” of his/her office, “Email,” and “Phone Number.”Faculty Profile 2
  7. Use the “Image” scroll bar to choose a photo. Please note that for faculty profiles, prior to adding the photo via the “Image” scroll bar menu, you will upload it to the site via the GSTILE or GSIPM faculty profile “Files (hidden)” webpages. For staff photos, you will upload them to the appropriate “Files (hidden)” webpages within your section of the site. It is best to resize and crop the profile image to 215 x 300 pixels before uploading it to the site.
  8. If the faculty or staff member in question speaks a language in addition to English, check the boxes for all languages that apply.Faculty Profile 1
  9. Use the “Additional Profile Information” field to input biographical information about the person. This includes the statements on “I am most passionate about” and “What excites me about being a professor at MIIS” from the faculty profile template doc.
  10. Add links of faculty or staff member’s work, LinkedIn profile, and/or Twitter account in the “Related Links” field.
  11. In the “Expertise” field, describe the faculty or staff member’s academic or professional focus. This should resemble a list of fields, sub-fields, and research topics.
  12. In the “Extra Information” field, add info about the faculty’s “Recent Accomplishments,” “Previous Work,” “Education” and “Publications.” Use Heading 4 to style each header within the “Extra Information” section.
  13. Set the “Faculty Type” to “Regular Faculty,” “Visiting Faculty,” or “Adjunct Faculty” as appropriate.
  14. For faculty profiles, select a faculty type and check the “Course Catalog” checkbox to display the courses taught by that faculty member on his or her profile.
  15. For faculty profiles, tag them by “Faculty Program” &  possibly “Language” (if they teach in our Translation, Interpretation, or Language Studies programs):  Faculty Profile 3
  16. When you are done adding the content, scroll down and click the “Save” button.
    1. The screen returns to “View” mode.

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